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Solutions To Problems


You Need Solutions


You're taking a math course. You may need help with the assignments. The exam is coming. You may need solutions to
unanswered exercises in your textbook. You may even need to see how the solutions to answered ones are done. You may
obtain a set of problems from past exams or from wherever for which you need the solutions.


I Can Help


If you find yourself in such a need, I can help. My help is available for you wherever you live in the world as long as you have
access to the internet or a fax machine. You'll email or fax me the problems. Then I'll email or fax you the solutions.




At the present time for the doing of solutions I handle the following courses:


- all high-school math courses

- calculus of one and several real variables
- introductory and intermediate undergraduuate discrete math
- introductory and intermediate undergraduuate linear algebra
- introductory undergraduate logic and sett theory
- introductory undergraduate statistics

If you attend an educational institution in Toronto, you may want to take a look at the list of the courses I handle by clicking




In general, a solution costs between $5 and $10 Canadian or US, depending on the the length of the solution. I'll let you know
the total cost of the set of all the solutions.


Minimum: $10 per set of 1 or more solutions.


You pay in Canadian or US dollars. If you don't have accounts in Canadian or US dollars, you can still pay in these currencies
by using PayPal. Paying thru PayPal is described below.


Making The Payment


For your convenience you may want to select my email address, copy it, and during your payment
process paste it in the field(s) for it. The keyboard keys for copy and paste are: copy: Ctrl+Ins, paste: Shift+Ins.


The payment can be made in 2 ways.


1. Interac e-Transfer (Formerly Email Money Transfer)


In this section the noun “bank” refers to every type of financial institution.


You can email the payment to me via a service called Interac eTransfer (formerly called Email Money Transfer). Currently
there are 8 banks in Canada that participate in the Interac e-Transfer program. In alphabetical order they are:


Bank Of Montreal,
Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CIBC),
National Bank of Canada,

Prospera Credit Union,
Royal Bank Of Canada (RBC),
Scotiabank, and
Toronto Dominion (TD) Canada Trust.

Please go to your bank's website, login to your account, and select Interac e-Transfer. If you're not familiar with this service,
you can consult the site's Help, or call your bank or go to a branch of it and ask for help.


2. Credit Card Or PayPal Account


You can also make the payment by a credit card or a PayPal account. PayPal is an eBay payment-processing company. The
payment by a credit card is processed by PayPal. I won't know the card information, because PayPal doesn't share it with
payees. As for paying by a PayPal account, if you don't have accounts in Canadian or US dollars, you can still pay in these
currencies. To pay by a credit card or a PayPal account please click a button below.

To pay in Canadian dollars please click this button:

To pay in US dollars please click this button:



Here's the procedure:


1. You email or fax me the problems, the date and time by which the solutions must reach your inbox or fax machine, and
    your location (city, province or state, and country; as
for number and street, they're not needed). I need to know your
    location because of the possible time difference between it and mine.


    To email me a document containing mathematical symbols and pictures, you can scan it into a Microsoft Word .doc or
    .docx file or an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file and attach the file to the email.

2. I let you know whether or not there's enough time to do the solutions. If there is, I also let you know the total cost.


3. If you accept the cost, you make the payment (see Making The Payment above) and let me know. You have 2 options of
    making the payment:


    3.1 You pay the total cost in 1 payment.
    3.2 You pay in installments. Eg, if the total cost is $50, then you pay $25, I do the 1st half of the questions, I send the
          solutions to you, you pay the remaining $25, i do the remaining half of the questions, I send the solutions to you. For a
          larger amount, you can pay in more than 2 installments. Eg, for $100, you can pay in 4 installments of $25 each or in 5
          installments of $20 each.


    Honesty: The making of this advanced payment requires your trust in my honesty. I'm honest. I won't cheat you. I'll work
    out the solutions and send them to you for that payment. If you don't get the solutions on time for whatever reason, the
    payment will be refunded to you.


4. When I learn and check that the payment has been made, I do the solutions, and email or fax them to you once they're


5. After you receive the solutions, you'll be able to ask me questions on any of them, for free and for as long as necessary.


My Academic Background


I have a BA&Sc in mathematics and economics and an MSc in mathematics, both from Canadian universities. I also have a
solid knowledge of computer programming, especially the C and C++ languages.


My Teaching/Tutoring Experience


I have 22 years of math teaching/tutoring experience in Canada.


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